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Posted by vishalsinghal on August 21, 2008

I am lead convener for Startup Lunch Delhi Edition – 3 on behalf of CellStrat, a mobile technologies consulting company based in Atlanta (USA). Helping me are 8-9 other guys running their own startups (namely Routeguru, Ondamo, Zoomtra, Punyaa, ViewsPaper) or professional blogging services (namely etc.) in India mostly in Delhi – NCR region.

We were meeting towards the end of the day after our busy day lives for discussing preparations of this event which is due on 6th. September ’08. We were just 10 people in all but energy of the whole group was like that of 50 + people as if the day has just begun for all of us.

There were so many ideas coming from all over that it took me almost 90 mins. to summarize everything in a document later in the night. I sent that document around 02:30 Hrs. in early morning thinking that mostly people will see the next day. But to my amazement, I got replies from some of them right around 03:15 Hrs. It’s realy amazing to see and experience how much adrenaline gets pumped in when people run their own startups…

Now a days, I suggest everybody to start their own business instead of working for anybody else…it gives you more satisfaction then anything else…especially when you meet so many like minded highly passionate people…


2 Responses to “Meeting with Startups…”

  1. I never knew you had a personal blog too! Was just checking the PR of my personal blog ( to reach 4/10 and found this post of yours as one of th eincoming links one yahoo siteexplorer!

    I doubt anyone having a startup or working for with one, for that matter would sleep before 2 am. Of course and unless when he’s drunk! :p

    It was great meeting you guys!



  2. Arun said

    Dear Vishal

    I represent a staffing organziation with prime focus of partnering start-ups in their hiring initiatives. I would have loved to be a part of this conference but I assume its late now. Please let me know if there is any other way to get in touch with the upcoming start-ups in India.

    Would appreciate your help


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