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Movie rental services in Delhi…

Posted by vishalsinghal on August 21, 2008

I haven’t written anything in entertainment category till now. Thus, I start today…something that everybody is a part of and something that everybody goes if not more atleast once in his or her life time…i.e… Movies…

Recently some companies have started the movie rental services in Delhi and they are bieng flooded equally by new – memberships and onlookers (who visit these store just to browse what’s latest that has come in DVDs) both.

Below are three big services available in Delhi these days…

Seventymm: The large menu includes — apart from the usual suspects — some regional and world cinema as well as TV series from Mahabharata to Grey’s Anatomy (imagine a McDreamy marathon!!). Navigation is easy; subscriptions start at Rs 250 a month plus security (six movies a month; four days’ time limit per film). My friends told me, deliveries were a tad iffy, though —  they, waited for two days just to get some not so old movie picked up.

Moviemart: Currently restricted to south and west Delhi. The collection is smaller but as varied — movies, PC games, concert videos, Yoga demos et al. Plans start at Rs 499 per month plus security for unlimited movies. The response time is good. They let us select the exact movie we want instead of following the “queue” system of the others. Have’nt tried but is generally having good opinion of masses.

Bigflix: The huge collection (they are the biggest, and newest of the services) is well categorized and also includes documentaries and plays apart from a variety of English, Hindi and regional films and TV shows. Navigation and search is very easy. Subscriptions start at Rs 299 a month plus security for unlimited movies — no time limits except on very new films (48 hours in that case). This one is considered by far the best managed service by most in the city, with the quickest response time.

So easy now to give the crowded multiplex a miss!
Seventymm: 60600070 /; Bigflix: 39885454 / ;Moviemart: 41444877 /


One Response to “Movie rental services in Delhi…”

  1. Bol Delhi said

    tried seventymm myself delivery was pathetic. For good movies you will have to wait long time. I had to easy movies which I didn’t want to see just to complete my quota of 6 movies. I canceled the account 2 months back .. still waiting for refund 😦

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