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Tips for Startups in Business Presentations…

Posted by vishalsinghal on September 1, 2008

Speaking up at the office

Every day, employees of various companies around the world find themselves in career-defining speaking situations. Presentations like these often involve high stakes and are presented to busy people with the power to influence careers.

Different business presentations can make or break your career. The technical briefing, a straightforward presentation to inform, can cause trouble if you lose your audience. For the proposal, you must advocate an idea, product or course of action…and convince others to agree. You may have to present complicated material to a nontechnical audience. To help with job jitters, professional panic or talk trauma, here is some information:

  • Proposals and Pitches
  • Technical Briefings
  • Presenting Across Borders
  • Introducing a Speaker
  • Visual Aids & PowerPoint

From today onwards, I will be covering these topics over the next five days…hope you all enjoy and learn while reading these topics…

[Source: Toastmasters]


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