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Height of Liking for Cleanliness…

Posted by vishalsinghal on September 14, 2008

Two days back, I went to see movie with my friend (A clieanliness freak who can’t sit idle at home and would rather clean the surroundings all the time). We were watching the recent “Singh is King” movie in Satyam Cineplex in Nehru Place, New Delhi.

Somewhere in the movie, a scene came in which some villagers were being shown sitting around and discussing some issue. Suddenly, my friend says…Ohhhh…how dirty they are…see how much soil is their on their feet…I was simply flabbergasted…hearing that in middle of something which we had come to see for entertainment…Ohhh…I just simply don’t like discussing anything on cleanliness at home as I am too busy to discuss these small issues. I hardly find time to see movies and now here…when I have come to see the movie in theatre…I am forced to hear all these things…Sincrely, I would call this “Height of liking for clieanliness.”


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