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Seagate: The Essential Connection between the People and their Content

Posted by vishalsinghal on September 30, 2008

Today I attended the lunch of Seagate’s 3 new products, the eternal hard drives in the Free Agent Series. The three products were launched by Mr. Rajesh Khurana (Country Manager for India and SAARC countries) himself. These products are pretty good indeed. They are:

  • Freeagent Go. This is a 12.5mm thick 2.5″ external portable hard drive which comes in the range of 250GB, 320GB and 500GB.
  • Freeagent Desk. This is 3.5″ external hard drive capacity of which ranges from 500GB, 640GB, 1TB and 1.5TB.
  • Freeagent Xtreme. This drive comes with capacity of 1.5TB with 3 interphases i.e. eSata, USB and firewire 400 for mac systems.

Best feature for all these three products is that every time a data is stored on these, it gets encrypted and thus remains safe.

It was a great launch and was attended by quiet a few media and business professionals. At first it seemed, these products will be costly as they are of highest capacities till date in storage solutions and unique to this company. But, to my surprise they are very nicely priced keeping in mind the Indian consumers. No doubt that their largest consumers come from non-professional backgrounds. Sincerely, speaking it was worth attending this event.


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