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Health: Weight Loss Recipe

Posted by vishalsinghal on October 6, 2008

Just yesterday I met…an old friend of mine and was astonished to see him. He had completely changed…I mean he seemed to have reduced quiet a bit and most of the flab around his waist had disappeared. I asked him how he did it even while sitting on computer and mobile almost for all days day in and day out in just 2-3 months time and he told me the following recipe…actually a diet plan:

Day 1: Consume all seasonal fruits only except bananas. Recommended one is water melon.

Day 2: Consume only vegetables raw or boiled without spices. Start the day with may be a layered baked potato of medium size with butter.

Day 3: Consume only boiled mixture of vegetables except potatoes, and fruits except bananas.

Day 4: Consume only 8 bananas with 3 glasses of milk in whole day.

Day 5: Consume meat/ 6 tomatoes hamburgers and lots of water.

Day 6: Consume only meat or vegetables (boiled/ baked).

Day 7: Consume brown rice, fruit juice and vegetables raw or boiled.

Repeat this whole schedule for 3 weeks and then take a break for 1 week and then repeat this cycle every month. During this schedule the person should atleast walk every day for 2 kms or do running or brisk walking for a km.

In 2 months time, my friend had lost close to 5kgs. weight which itself is amazing.


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