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The Top 10 Systems Integrators

Posted by vishalsinghal on October 15, 2008

IDC just published a report that lists of the top 10 systems integration vendors.

Among the findings in the report:

  • Accenture and IBM Global Services are the biggest SI firms in the world and are virtually tied as the industry leaders – there’s less than a 0.01% difference in market share between them.

  • The U.S. market is dominated by Lockheed Martin, CSC, and SAIC, companies that IDC says do a lot of business with the federal government. 
  • Like just about every other market, the first quarters of 2009 should show what kind of affect the current economic turmoil will have on the market.

“Infrastructure improvement, including data center consolidation and virtualization, application consolidation, and data consolidation, was most frequently mentioned by IT executives as a priority aimed at achieving lower-cost and higher-performance IT,” Zaidi said. “Many U.S. IT organizations are already reducing their spending for 2008 and for 2009, with more than half of the executives citing existing negative impact on their budget from the economy. Further, IT executives indicated that funding is moving back to being more centralized, in part for better control and efficiency. However, IDC notes that as far as the strategic SI projects are concerned, the SI market will not slow down per se, as companies continue to carry out mission-critical SI projects.”

I read somewhere that top 50 fortune companies have budgets of $2 billion and if they outsource their infrastructure management, this alone will save them close to $500 million, the savings which cannot be ignored.

Top 10 SI Services Vendors (Worldwide)
(In alphabetical order; based on 2007 market share)

Lockheed Martin
Northrop Grumman
Source: IDC

Top 10 SI Service Vendors (U.S.)
(In alphabetical order; based on 2007 market share)

Lockheed Martin
Northrop Grumman
Source: IDC


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