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Start-up fever in Gurgaon (India)

Posted by vishalsinghal on March 1, 2009

Today, I met an old friend of mine from school days. His attitude has always been kind of laid back, easy going and satisfied in what ever he does. Currently, too he is working with one of the large IT firms in Gurgaon.

He had always been against working part time in start-ups etc. but today he told me that he has been thinking for some time in favor of the same. He says that during these turbulent times when even big IT companies – Indian or global are facing issues in growth, it’s time to start working parallely on or with some start-up ideas/ start-ups, just in case, something worse happens. He also told me that lately, many of his friends with similar nature had been planning the same.

Thus, I would say that time has come that laid back attitude will not work any more and people need to definitely become pro-active. If they take any more time then this, they may have to face dire consequences.


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