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Management Tips for an Uncertain Economy

Posted by vishalsinghal on March 13, 2009

Guiding staff through turbulent times requires an approach that accentuates the positive and keeps employees feeling empowered and focused on the bigger picture. Some insights on how to effectively lead staff through the turmoil:

Guiding staff through periods of significant change and economic difficulty isn’t easy, even for the most seasoned managers.

Companies should try and give newer roles to existing employees when they are forced to freeze the recruitments. Also, along with imparting new roles and responsibilities, company should give them sufficient time to increase their skills and be a bit linient towards their initial days of performance.

As a manager, it is imperative to communicate openly and often with your IT staff and keep them in the loop on anything that may directly affect the department or their positions. Although you may not be able to share everything you know, be as honest as you can. You will keep the rumor mill from grinding and fueling fear and suspicion, which can drag down morale and undermine productivity. Remember, if your staff doesn’t hear the news straight from you, they will certainly hear it from someone else, and it may not be delivered accurately.

Don’t ever assume your IT staff members know they are appreciated. Be sure to give frequent, timely and specific praise, not only when people are engaged in lengthy or difficult projects but also when they are simply “doing their jobs” well and with enthusiasm. Recognition is especially important if you are asking staff members to take on additional responsibilities to cover gaps left by employees who had to be let go.

Reminding your staff that every employee plays a role in the company’s success, you will help keep them engaged during this period of economic uncertainty. Encourage staff to approach you with their ideas for how the departments can meet their objectives more efficiently and cost-effectively. Often, the best ideas come from those who are working on the front lines. If certain ideas cannot be implemented, explain why, while also emphasizing that you value the individual’s input. Employee suggestions should not be dismissed without constructive discussion, otherwise, your staff will believe you are not sincere when you say you want to hear their opinions.


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