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Think before you speak

Posted by vishalsinghal on April 26, 2009

Yesterday, I met Pankaj Sharma of LeadInvent, start-up in drug discovery space. We were both participating in Start-up Fair along with some other start-ups, in NIST, Delhi. Occassionally, we talked on our experiences there in NSIT event and also discussed about LeadInvent and CellStrat, our companies, how we started, possible solutions for possible problems we face in talent management, etc.

One thing, many of us there observed was that he (Pankaj) was a very patient listener to all students. We asked him the reason later for the same, as time is generally a constraint in these kinds of events, especially when you are hiring from among so many students. He told us the following:

“People younger to you are the only ones you can create your impression on in your first meeting.”

Generally speaking older people will not give you a patient hearing how so ever good your idea may be. Thus, he says. his interactions with older people get over in less then 5-6 minutes. This is becuase in in initial days of startin up his venture, he met around 10 experts from his field and all were very very rude to him and never were ready to listen to him, were never ready to give him any work even for free as they all had ego. Only one professor of his gave him a patient listening and when he was about to go back to his job after getting discouraged, that the professor offered to help him by giving work to him even for which he said, he will not be paying  Pankaj. But that was the time when Pankaj started his venture and never looked back again. Now, after about 2 years, he is a successful entrepreneur and for which he gives credits to that professor, who listened to his ideas without any ego and advised him in the right direction. From then on, he listens and talks to all younger people very patiently.

It’s a great lesson one can learn. I hope, I am able to follow it and make it a habbit. I also read another post about this which you can read here.


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