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First words of Vihan

Posted by vishalsinghal on May 7, 2012

Vihan – as some of you may know is my 1.5 yrs. old son. He started speaking first few words around his first birthday. First few words that he now utter very frequently in order of their origination are:

Mum: no, not for his mother but for water.

Tum: for all dogs (his favourite animal), birds, horses or any other animal.

Gum: for hot things like milk, tea, food etc.

Khum: means finished.

Baba: for his grand father.

Papa: for me.

Recently, when we started aksing him to call his dadi and mummy, he tweaked ‘mum’ and says Mum-ae instead of mummy. His dadi however, is still waiting to hear him call her by some word.

Will try to come back more often now and post more…


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