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Start-up or not to start-up a new venture

Posted by vishalsinghal on February 14, 2009

Whether to leave or not to leave the comfort zone. This is an post about about a guy I met in a long distance train from Delhi. He is an IIT-Delhi graduate of 2008 batch now working with a company (name not to be disclosed) in Gurgaon. He says, if he keeps working in this company where he is getting a comfortable salary to live a happy life until he is single; he will be slogging all through his life. However, his father in central India owns a big nation wide business manufacturing incense sticks. So if he joins same he can lead a luxurious comfortable life but that will not give him full satisfaction.

He wants to own a start-up venture on a good idea he already has and has been working on , on drawing board stage since a long time but is in dellima that he will be on road out of his curently comfortable life and may not be able to make it big.

In my view, I feel, he should give atleast 2 years to his start-up and see for atleast an year when he will be able to make out if his start-up is going to work or not. If not, then go back to his father’s business as that will always be a cushion to fall back on…Readers are requested to give their take on this. Atleast he will be satisfied that he tried and did not let his idea go untried.

He only mentioned, money-settlement and satisfaction don’t come cheap and easily, which shows he is quiet experienced already but still in delima. In my case, satisfaction comes first, then settlement in life and then money i.e. if I love my work, I am satisfied (with quality of work which is mobile field these days; location of work i.e. where ever I am at any point of time, these days and intellectual interactions whic h I am having mostly all the time with top management of companies and institutions any where in the world).  If I am satisfied, in some time, I will have enough money to have settlement (mix of professional and personal to lead a comfortable life) and lastly Money, which I feel is required in abundance to have live a luxurious life and I am quiet sure that it will be there in an year’s time.

Thus, to start-up a venture, one must leave his comfort zone to try their dreams atleast once to be satisfied atleast mentally…


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UK badly hit by Financial turmoil

Posted by vishalsinghal on October 19, 2008

I met a UK girl last night in a party working for KPMG on an assignment in Gurgaon for next 6 months. We exchanged short notes on the effects of global melt down in UK and I was astonished to hear that by end of this month, roughly about 1 million people will be jobless in UK alone. That’s quiet a big number. I wonder when will all this come to an end…

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